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The STAT Inhibitor Company

Janpix is discovering and developing inhibitors of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription (“STAT”) proteins. Most members of this family of transcription factors have been known for some time and their relevance in certain cancers, in particular for STAT3 & STAT5, validated. Inhibiting the function of STAT proteins though has been very challenging thus far and Janpix developed new chemistry to address this complex problem.

Our Platform

Janpix discovered ultra-selective STAT inhibitors which can target one STAT protein or, if desired, two similar STAT proteins. The platform is flexible enough so that we can engineer different ADME profiles into our compounds, potentially enabling them to target different body compartments.

Bringing More Options to Cancer Patients

We are leveraging our deep understanding of the target biology to attack not only the tumor directly but to also modulate immune cells in the vicinity of the tumor (its “microenvironment”) to assist with tumor eradication. Such a dual attack on the tumor has the potential to convert patients’ non-responsive into responsive tumors. We are committed to developing a pipeline of STAT inhibitors that deliver further treatment options to patients suffering from cancer as quickly as possible.

Our Partners

Headquartered in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, Janpix is supported by an industry-leading venture investor and has entered into numerous collaborations with some of the most prominent Cancer Centers worldwide.